10 beautiful Nepali words to learn Nepali Language (2023)

Are you looking for the best way to learn Nepali language? Most of the peoples of Nepal can understand and speak English very well. But knowing those beautiful Nepali words will be helpful for you to join with the Nepalese peoples even easier & instantly.

10 beautiful Nepali words to learn Nepali Language (1)

Learning entire Nepali language will be hard for the foreigners, But here I am going to provide you the easy, and basic Nepali words which will help you to make your holiday unforgettable. By these beautiful Nepali words, you can share & express your feelings with the Nepalese peoples.

The reason for providing those common Nepali words is especially to connect with the people of rural, undeveloped, remote areas of Nepal.

These are the same words which I used to teach my guests when I used to be a tour & trekking guide in Nepal. There is no doubt that you will know about these words after you arrive & spend some days here. But Knowing those typical Nepali words earlier will help you to connect with the peoples at the airport & the hotel you are staying itself.

When you speak Nepali in front of local peoples here firstly, they will smile & will be happy to serve/help you even more. Here are the 10 beautiful Nepali words you must know to connect with locals all around Nepal.


1. Hello – “Namaste”

10 beautiful Nepali words to learn Nepali Language (2)

“Namaste” is a word to welcome someone & start a conversation in Nepali. Press both hands together and bow your head a little bit & say Namaste to start a conversation. “Namaste” simply means a “Hi” or “Hello” in English.

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Bowing the head means expressing gratitude towards the people you are going to talk. “Namaste” is the most used word in Nepal & also most known Nepali word by foreigners too.

Whenever you enter some shops in Nepal or even at hotels, all will welcome you by saying “Namaste”. In reply, you can also say “Namaste” too.

10 beautiful Nepali words to learn Nepali Language (3)

2. How are you – “Sanchai hunuhunchha?”

10 beautiful Nepali words to learn Nepali Language (4)

In general, the word “Sanchai hunuhunchha” means asking someone about their current health situation whether they are fine or not. “Sanchai hunhunchha” means caring for someone’s health, whether he/she is fit & fine or not. Simply it means “How are you” in English.

You can use the words “Hello” & “How are you” at the same time to start the conversation with someone by asking someone about their health conditions. Likewise, you can use “Namaste” & “Sanchai hunuhunchha” also at the same time too.

When you ask someone about their health, then they will ask you back like if you said “how are you” to someone he will probably say “I am fine what about you?”. Same way you can also say “Thik chhu” or “Sanchai chhu” to say I am also fine in Nepali.

3. How much – “Kati ho?”

10 beautiful Nepali words to learn Nepali Language (5)

“Kati ho” is the most important word to use while you are buying something in Nepal. “Kati ho” means “How much” in English. Like asking for “how much for this?” in shops, you can ask shopkeeper “Kati ho” by showing the thing you are going to buy.

This simple multi-used word will even helpful for you while eating in restaurants, paying you bill on a Hotel etc.

The surprising fact is when you ask for “Kati ho” instead of “How much” the shopkeeper will think that it been a long that you are staying in Nepal & you know every thing about the price variations of Nepal. So, He/she will tell you the reasonable price rather than taking more profit.

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If you still feel its expensive try saying “mahango bhayo” it means “it’s so expensive” in Nepali. And you can also add “Sasto garnuna” to get the best possible price. “Sasto garnuna” means asking for some discounts. Try it, it works.

4. It’s nice – “Ramro chha”

10 beautiful Nepali words to learn Nepali Language (6)

“Ramro chha.” is a multi-usable Nepali word. It means beautiful, nice or good. You can use the word “Ramro chha” to appreciate something; someone’s good service or even the beauty of the place, picture, view, etc.

10 beautiful Nepali words to learn Nepali Language (7)

If someone asks you “how’s it?” you can say “Ramro chha” to express its beauty. For example “Nepal Ramro chha” means “Nepal is beautiful.”

5. It’s fun – “Ramailo chha”

10 beautiful Nepali words to learn Nepali Language (8)

As I already said Nepal is a naturally beautiful country, there is no doubt that you will fall in love with Nepal’s beauty. You will experience lots of fun & unforgettable memories in Nepal.

Nepali traditional culture & beliefs will give you an opportunity to experience the things that you had never seen and imagine.

The word “Ramailo chha” refers to the best event, things or activity that provided you with fun or extra enjoyment during your trip.

When someone asks with you how’s Nepal? You can say “Ramailo chha” to express your love toward the thing that you had explored.

6. It’s sweet – “Mitho chha”

10 beautiful Nepali words to learn Nepali Language (9)

Not only for adventure lovers, but Nepal is also the best destination for foods lovers too. The different Nepali cuisines are most famous around the world such as Thakali Khana, Chatamari, Newari Khaja set etc.

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After eating a delicious meal, you can say “mitho chha” to define it’s taste. The one who made the food will be more happy to listen to this word rather than listening just “wow its tasty”.

It is a handy word that you can speak at a hotel, restaurants, or even at tea houses during the trek.

7. I love you – “Ma timilai maya garchhu”

10 beautiful Nepali words to learn Nepali Language (10)

Not only there is a chance to fall in love with Nepal’s beauty, but there is also a chance sometimes you will fall in love with the Nepali guy/girl.

“Ma timilai Maya garchhu” is a word to tell someone that you love him/her. “Ma timilai Maya garchhu” is a Nepali version of “I love you.”

8. I am sorry – “Maaf garnuhos”

10 beautiful Nepali words to learn Nepali Language (11)

There is no doubt that we will try to avoid mistakes & try to be perfect, but still, sometimes we will make mistakes by knowing or unknowing.

Well in this situation “Maaf garnuhos” is a Nepali word to express your apologies. Nepalese are friendly peoples they will accept your apology & forgive you for your unknowing mistakes.

“Maaf garnuhos” is a Nepali version of saying “I am sorry” after knowing that we had made a mistake.

9. Thank you – “Dhanyawaad”

10 beautiful Nepali words to learn Nepali Language (12)

“Dhanyawaad” is a Nepali way of saying “Thank you” to someone to express thankfulness for the work/help they had done for you.

You can use this handy words after buying something at shops, after eating tasty food at restaurants or even everywhere when someone will help you.

(Video) 10 Nepali Words to Speak during your Visit to Nepal - Stunning Nepal

“Dhanyawaad” is a Nepali word that will make the other people feel valued for his/her effort to help you. You can say “Dhanyawaad” to your trekking guides, porters, also peoples who will help you to find locations etc.

10. See you again – “Pheri Bhetaula”

10 beautiful Nepali words to learn Nepali Language (13)

“Pheri Bhetaula” is a Nepali word to say goodbye with the hope to meet again.

You can use this word to some hotels or restaurants where you will go back again next time. Also your tour operator, trekking & tour crews to say bye and hope to make next trip again with them.

It means like saying “see you again” in English. We will say “Pheri bhetaula” to those peoples with whom we are happy & love to spend time.


Speaking those beautiful Nepali words in Nepal will help you to exchange happiness with Nepali local peoples.

Also, you can speak those words with your Nepali friend around the world so that they will be happy that you are interested in learning Nepali & giving more value to your friendship.

So you learned about basic Nepali words? Would you like to learn the famous Nepali song, Resham Firiri? Here are the lyrics of Resham Firiri song with English meaning you can learn if you are interested.

Do you want to learn Nepali version of the word you always speak in English? If yes then feel free to ask me, I would love to teach you. If you know any other Nepali word except these, let me know in the comment below.


What is the 1 word for welcome in Nepalese? ›

Explanation: स्वागतम is Nepali translation of Welcome.

What is Nepali tasty words? ›

Mitho chha – “Tasty”

What does Chito mean Nepali? ›

Chito means hurry or fast. Ramro means good. You can say “Ramro” when you like or agree with something.

What does Boka mean in Nepal? ›

बोका n. Literally, “male goat.” It is derived from the distinguishing sexual characteristics that of a he-goat, and is used to describe a person who is lustful and desirous of sexual activity. A typical boka is willing to go to any length to fulfill his sexual needs.

What does Dai mean in Nepali? ›

•Dai: Older brother. •Bahini: Younger sister. •Bhai: Younger brother.

Is momo Nepali word? ›

The word 'momo' is believed to have come from a Jin Chinese word usually spoken in Shanxi, “momo” (馍馍), translating to 'steamed bun'. But, there is a word called 'ma neu' in Nepal Bhasa of the Newa people of Kathmandu, that means to “eat steamed”. There is also the Tibetan word 'mog mog' with similar meaning.

What does momo mean in Nepal? ›

The word mo (馍) itself means food related to flour. As can be seen in dishes from Shaanxi cuisine like roujiamo and paomo. It could also be possible that it derived from Nepal Bhasa word mome (मम) which means cooking by steaming. The history of momo in Nepal dates back to as early as the fourteenth century.

What is Nepali sweet? ›

The national sweet is Sel Roti (सेल रोटी) and Jeri (जेरी) , also called Jalebi. It has a crispy texture and is extremely sweet, and the crisp texture makes it a delight to eat. The color is golden yellow. There are soft Jeris as well, but they are not the favorites of Nepalis, as are the crispy ones.

What is Mayalu in Nepali? ›

Mayalu means love of my heart in Nepali. The unique designs are inspired by the mangala sutra style of a Hindu bride's wedding necklace. And each...

What do we call I love you Nepali? ›

To say I love you in Nepali you can simply say “Ma Timilai Maya Garchu.” Here I mean “Ma” love means “Maya,” and you mean “Timi.” Likewise, “Garchu” stands for doing something which works here as an objective in Nepali grammar to close the sentence.

What is Nepal's natural beauty? ›

Natural Beauty

From lowlands to snow-capped mountains, the weather also diverse in these regions. There are many big rivers that flow beautifully, deep lakes, greeny forests, mountains, and high snow-capped mountains that are breathtaking.

What is Kaji in Nepali? ›

Kaji (Nepali: काजी) was a title and position used by nobility of Gorkha Kingdom (1559–1768) and Kingdom of Nepal between 1768 and 1846. Many other contemporary kingdoms used the same title for their ministers.

What is Budi Nepali? ›

Explanation: buddhi means "wisdom " in Nepali. It can also be the name of a person.

What is Tara in Nepali? ›

Nepal (Kathmandu Valley) 12th–early 13th century. Tara is the supreme savior and goddess of mercy in Vajrayana Buddhism, best understood as a female counterpart to a bodhisattva. She stands gracefully, extending her open hand is a gesture of granting boons (varada mudra) to devotees.

What does Randi mean? ›

/raṇḍī/ nf. whore countable noun. A whore is the same as a prostitute.

What is the meaning of PUTI? ›

Noun. puti. navel, belly button. Alternative spelling of p'uti.

What is chettri in Nepali? ›

Chhetri is Nepalese local colloquial term for Kshatriya. Kshetri (Nepali: क्षेत्री) is considered a derivative form of the Sanskrit word Kshatriya. Hill-Kshetri, Kshetri, Chhetri, Pahadi Chhetri and Khas Kshetri are all used to denote this caste.

What is nanu in Nepali? ›

Older / Younger sister, but also friendly term used to refer to other women roughly in your generation. Dhai / Bhai. Older / Younger brother, same as above. Nanu / Babu. Young girl / boy child.

What does Babu mean in Nepali? ›

The title babu, also spelled baboo, is used in the Indian subcontinent as a sign of respect towards men. In some cultures, the term "babu" is a term of endearment for a loved one as well.

How do you say I am fine in Nepal? ›

म ठिक छु English translation: I'm fine. Ma ṭhika chu is the answer to kasto cha. It means I'm fine.

What are the slang words in Nepali? ›

10 Most Used Nepali Slang Words And Phrases
  • Gidi. It is used mostly by teenagers, and it means to irritate someone. ...
  • Hait!! Hait is one of the popular Nepali slang words to express the extremity of any situation. ...
  • Mama Ghar. ...
  • Baal Ho/ Baal Vayena. ...
  • Raddi. ...
  • Kaathe. ...
  • Patyaune. ...
  • Waalchyaal.

What is Nepal's national food? ›

Gundruk. Another popular Nepalese food item, Gundruk is regarded as the national dish of Nepal. It is an assortment of pickled green-leafy vegetables which is relished as a condiment or a side dish with the main course meal.

Why is it called Nepali? ›

According to Hindu mythology, Nepal derives its name from an ancient Hindu sage called Ne, referred to variously as Ne Muni or Nemi. According to Pashupati Purāna, as a place protected by Ne, the country in the heart of the Himalayas came to be known as Nepāl.

How do the Nepalese greet each other? ›

The traditional greeting is to press the palms of one's hands together in front of the chest and say "Namaste" (meaning "I greet the god within you"). This is accompanied with a nod of the head or a bow depending on the status of the person you are greeting.

What does the insult momo mean? ›

momo (plural momos) (US, slang, derogatory) A moron.

Does Nepal belong to India? ›

Nepal shares a border of over 1850 km with five Indian states – Sikkim, West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The India-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship of 1950 forms the bedrock of the special relations that exist between India and Nepal.

What is Nepal's favorite food? ›

Dal Bhat

Source The staple food of each Nepali household, Dal Bhat is mainly rice served along with lentil soup and vegetable curry or chicken (or meat). This meal is the most beloved one amongst Nepali people as it's wholesome and provides with the needed nutrition.

What is the fruit of Nepal? ›

The golden Himalayan raspberry (Aiselu in Nepali) (Rubus ellipticus) is unofficially designated as the National fruit of Nepal.

What is Nepal famous for fruit? ›

Production Areas: The pear is a very important deciduous fruit crop in Nepal. It is cultivated in both mid and high mountain areas of the whole country.
FruitsMajor Districts
Apple and ApricotMustang, Jumla, Humla, Kalikot, Dolpa, Rukum, Rolpa, Bajhang, Bajura, Baitadi, and Darchula
1 more row

How do you welcome in Nepal? ›

  1. Nepalis expect people to greet the eldest or most senior person first.
  2. The traditional greeting is to press the palms of one's hands together in front of the chest and say "Namaste" (meaning "I greet the god within you"). ...
  3. Handshaking has become a familiar custom and may follow after the traditional greeting.

What is the another word for welcome? ›

Synonyms. greet. She was waiting at the door to greet her guests. meet. receive.

What does Momo mean in Nepalese? ›

Momo is a dumpling made of all-purpose flour and filled with either meat or vegetables. Inspired by Tibetan dumplings, the dish is a very popular Nepali street food. In Nepal the most common type of momos are buff (buffalo) momos followed by chicken.


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